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Dog Entropion

Dog Entropion - Information on Symptoms, Treatment, Correction and Cost of Dog Entropion

Dog entropion is a common eye problem with dogs in which they acquire very early in life.

In this condition, the dog’s eyelids may roll inwards. This condition, which usually affects the lower lids, is usually acquired right from birth. Dog entropion is usually an inherited condition.

There are a lot of purebred dogs who may show the symptoms of this condition. Some of the dog breeds that are predisposed to dog entropion are the Irish Setters, Chinese Sharpei, Great Danes, English Bulldog, St. Bernards and Labrador Retriever.

Though rare, some dogs may develop this condition later in life due to secondary changes around the eyes. The condition usually arises due to spasms in the eyes and is usually associated with corneal eye diseases. If an injury or an infection shrinks the eye of a dog, the dog may begin to experience dog entropion.

Symptoms of Dog Entropion

Dog entropion symptoms are not very clear, since the condition could occur along with other eye conditions as well. There may be visible trauma to the cornea and the dog may keep pawing at its eyes due to the incessant discomfort. The outer aspect of the eyelids, especially the lower one, may be more affected. The dog may be tearing and rubbing its eyes. Squinting and inability to see well even in light may be other symptoms of dog entropion. There may also be very thick discharge from the eyes.

Treatment of Dog Entropion

An ocular examination is required to diagnose the condition. Since the inwardly rolled eyelid can cause some serious damage to the eyes, it is important to ensure that dog entropion treatment is given to your pet as soon as the condition is diagnosed. Dog entropion cost may depend on the extent of damage. If there are any corneal ulcers that may have been caused due to this condition, the vet may have to operate.

Dog Entropion Correction

Dog entropion correction may be a long or short process, depending on how much the eyes have been damaged. If there are any abnormally placed eyelashes, they may have to be cleaned out and removed. There is no medical therapy or procedure to correct the condition completely and so the condition can only be corrected surgically. Further, surgery may be required in case of complications, and in certain cases, the dog may have to use protective medications for the eyes as a lifelong therapy. Overcorrection of the dog entropion is possible and should be avoided as it may have some serious repercussions.
  Submitted on November 7, 2011  

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