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Dog Blepharitis

Dog Blepharitis - Information on Causes, Symptoms and Treatment For Blepharitis in Dogs

What is Dog Blepharitis?

Blepharitis can be described as an inflammation in the eyelids, caused by several factors, some of which may include bacterial infections, trauma, the presence of eye diseases, and so on.

However, blepharitis is not just common in humans; it can affect dogs too. Dog blepharitis usually affects the outer skin, along with the middle portions of the eyelids.

Causes of Dog Blepharitis

There are several factors that can lead to dog blepharitis the most common ones being congenital, i.e., many dogs are born with conditions that lead to blepharitis. Given below are some of the congenital causes of dog blepharitis:

• Abnormalities in the eyelids, which promotes too much itching and rubbing
• Nasal folds that are prominent
• Ectopic cilia
• The inability to close the eyelids completely

Some of the other common causes of dog blepharitis include:

• Traumatic injuries like chemical burns and eyelid lacerations

• Infections, like parasitic infections or viral infections

• Eye diseases like the dry eye, keratitis and conjunctivitis

• Allergies in the eye

Symptoms of Dog Blepharitis

One of the first signs of allergic blepharitis in dogs is reddening and swelling of the eyelids.

Moreover, the eyelid gets encrusted with a pus discharge. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of dog blepharitis include:

• Concurrent conjunctivitis
• Corneal inflammation
• Excoriation
• Flaky and scratchy skin near the eyes
• Formation of papules or pustules
Hair loss
• Intense itchiness in the eye
• Pigmentation problems around the affected skin
• The presence of pus, mucus or moisture in the eyes
• Thickening of the eyelids

Blepharitis in Dogs Treatment

This condition can be controlled, but it cannot be cured. Therefore, the treatment of dog blepharitis is usually directed at getting rid of the cause. Since this condition is usually caused by or is accompanied by a bacterial infection, it is important to use antibiotic eye ointments in the treatment. At first, doctors may advise the pet owner to ensure that the dog wears a cone or an Elizabethan collar at all times. However, in case the condition is very serious, then medication or surgery may also be required.

How to treat blepharitis in dogs using home remedies?

It is important to ensure that the dogs eyes are clean at all times. However, the methods that are used to clean the eyes should be mild, so that the eyes do not burn.


  Submitted on December 16, 2011  

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