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Dog illnesses

Dog Illnesses

Pet owners can really truly be happy only when their pets are absolutely healthy.

There are a lot of things that are required to make sure that a dog remains strong and healthy throughout its life. A regular grooming schedule, regular exercise, and good nutrition are some of the basic needs of any pet, and neglecting these could make your dog a lot more susceptible to various dog illnesses. However, even when you take care of your pet in the best possible manner, it may not always be possible to make sure that your pet remains as free of any disease.

Dog illnesses may be caused due to a variety of reasons.

Right from bacterial or viral infections, to metabolic and degenerative diseases, dogs are susceptible to many different types of ailments. The best possible way to deal with your dog’s illnesses is to keep an eye open for any kind of signs and symptoms that point to health problems. Once you are able to ascertain that your dog is indeed suffering from a health problem, the next step is to take the dog to a veterinarian and get an accurate diagnosis of your dog’s disease.

An ailment is typically diagnosed on the basis of dog illness symptoms. Some typical symptoms which indicate that all is not well with your pet include listlessness, lethargy, inactivity, inflammation, constipation or loose stools, vomiting, running nose, lack of interest in food or play activities, and many others.

The symptoms can vary from one disease to another and it’s not easy to recognize the symptoms because of the sheer number of dog illnesses. In order to get an accurate dog illness diagnosis, the doctor usually will make a thorough physical examination, followed by blood tests, X-rays, urine analysis, and sometimes even stool analysis. The dog illnesses and symptoms have a close relationship and the doctors try to establish this link through the various diagnostic procedures. Once the cause of the illness and the manifestation of symptoms are identified, the doctors can then begin their treatment immediately. Many dog illnesses and diseases can be treated using both medical and home care. However, there are also some diseases in which the prognosis may not be very good. If the dog is weak or old, the illness may not be as easily treatable. Most of these treatments are expensive. Even after the treatment, the dog requires extensive and costly after care. It is therefore best to take proper precautions regarding pet health care and make sure that your pet not only has the best nutrition and care, but also a lot of love from its family, so that it can live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

  Submitted on September 1, 2010  

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