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Dog licks

Dog Licking

Dogs lick in order to greet each other.

They also explore the world through licking as through their tongues, they are able to taste, express submissiveness and convey to their owners that the love, care and companionship they receive is appreciated. In most cases, licking does not constitute a problem. In some cases, however, canine licking can become excessive or obsessive.

Licking is a natural behavior of all dogs, but sometimes it can pose a problem.

If you notice that your dog has begun to lick excessively, it may become necessary to examine his environment more closely. Observe the demeanor of the dog and notice if he seems stressed or anxious. One of the reasons why he could be licking obsessively is because he may not be getting enough attention from you. You may be spending more time away from the house and as a result the dog may be experiencing a lack of exercise and care.

He could be feeling cooped up inside the house and this could be causing the problem. To control the dog licking problem, you need to first identify the cause behind it. Once you have zeroed in on the cause, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments such as coming home early or waking up earlier than usual so that you spend some time with your dog. It is important to remember that dogs require a good amount of exercise. If they do not get this, stress and boredom can result and this is often displayed through obsessive licking. You can also convey to the dog that you don’t like the excessive licking by turning away from him and ignoring the behavior. Your dog loves to please you and he will learn to curb his licking in time, when he sees that you don’t enjoy it. However, you need to consistent in your response. Determination is also required as if you give up mid-way; your dog is not likely to learn and will continue to display the same behavior.

In some cases, excessive canine drooling may occur. This could be due to ingestion of a toxic substance. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian in such cases. If unusual dog drooling is continuous and the dog doesn’t seem to be drinking water for 24 hours, it could mean that there is something lodged in his throat which is preventing from eating or drinking. Excessive dog salivating may also result from a problem in the salivary glands.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010  

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