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Dog cherry eye

Dog Cherry Eye

Dog cherry eye is a common eye condition in which a red colored bump appears around the eyelid.

The dog cherry bump is usually located at the corner of the eyes, on the eye which is closest to the nose of the dog. The condition is caused when the nictitans gland in the eyes of the dog becomes prolapsed. The gland is not visible from the outside. However, when the eye becomes swollen, the eye can become really swollen.

Dog cherry eye infection, though common, is not understood properly. The cause of the swelling of the eye is not clearly known. It is believed that the nictitans gland, which is poorly attached to the tissues around it, can become prolapsed due to any traumatic injuries. A dog cherry eye can occur in any kind of dog.

However, there are some breeds which are more susceptible to it than others. Breeds such as beagles, English bulldogs, cocker spaniels and Boston terriers are especially susceptible to the condition.

Canine Cherry Eye

Dog cherry eye is extremely common in very young dogs. The condition may occur in one or both of the eyes. If the gland is prolapsing intermittently, the dog may suffer from the condition periodically as well. Though the gland may prolapse intermittently, it eventually leads to permanent prolapse in the gland. Dog cherry eye treatment may not always be possible, especially in those dogs that have inherited the disease. Dog cherry eye is not only unsightly to behold, but also causes abnormalities in the eyes. This is one of the leading causes for the development of the conjunctivitis infection. In some dogs, there is some kind of infected discharge from the affected eyes. Dog cherry eye surgery cost usually discourages from pet owners to get the surgery performed.
Since dog cherry eye cure is surgical only, pet owners are asked to take better care of their dogs, especially if the dog belongs to a breed which is susceptible to this condition. The gland may be replaced surgically so that it can be tacked and fixed in place. This makes the dog cherry eye cost quite high. There are ophthalmic ointments that may be applied topically. These ointments contain steroids that help in containing the inflammation of the tissue. This is especially necessary in the post-operative scenario, where inflammation is usually present in the eye. Dog cherry eye massage after the surgery can keep the inflammation to a minimum.


  Submitted on February 15, 2011  

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