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Dog kidney disease

Dog Kidney Ailments:

Kidney disease in dogs is usually a severe and often incurable condition.

It generally affects dogs of the older age group. Kidney disease in dogs can either be acute or chronic. The primary function of the kidneys is to filter out the toxins from the body. When the kidneys are unable to perform this important function properly, the toxins accumulate and cause severe damage to the kidneys.

There are however certain steps that can be taken to reduce discomfort of the dogs and advance the life expectancy.

Causes of Kidney Problems in Dogs:

A common cause of kidney disorder in dogs is the consumption of antifreeze, which is a harmful toxin that can be fatal for dogs. Loss of blood and trauma can also result in acute kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is generally related to the advancing age of the dog. With age, the health begins to deteriorate and the organs cannot function as efficiently as before.

It is also possible for kidney disease to arise out of congenital birth defects. Hypertension and cancer can also disease of the kidney. Disorders of the immune system may also be another cause of this condition.

Symptoms of Kidney Diseases in Canines:

It is important to recognize the symptoms of kidney disease in dogs early. The symptoms become aggravated as the kidneys begin to function at lower than normal levels. Signs of kidney disease in dogs include loss of appetite and excessive thirst. The dog’s back may also become arched and stiff. Urine production may decrease and in some cases, there may also be blood present in the urine. Since kidney disease can be dangerous for the dog, immediate medical treatment is essential. It can be life threatening if not detected and treated in time. Eventually the buildup of toxins reaches such a high level, that the organs are not able to function anymore.

Treatment for Kidney Diseases in Dogs:

The symptoms begin to occur only after kidney function has already begun to decline. As such treatment of kidney disease in dogs is often not possible. However, the inflammation may be eased through intake of vitamins. Herbal remedies are also known to be beneficial in reducing discomfort. Herbs such as marshmallow, wild hydrangea and cinnamon bark have anti-inflammatory properties. Salt must be reduced in the diet and the dog must be given plenty of water to drink. In older dogs, prevention of the condition may not be possible and the only way to reduce discomfort is through regulation of the diet and allowing the dog to rest properly.

  Submitted on January 15, 2010  

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