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Facts About Bunnies

Facts About Bunnies - Information on Interesting Facts About Bunnies For Kids, Housing and Dietary Requirements

There are many people who believe that rabbits make the best pets.

Families that have little children too, seem to show a preference for little bunny rabbits, because of several factors. First of all, rabbits are cute, cuddly, furry and absolutely adorable little creatures. In addition to that, as compared to other domesticated house pets, rabbits are fairly easy to look after.

However, this does not mean that bunnies require no care at all. Just like all other animals, rabbits have certain needs too, which may not be very evident right at the beginning. There are several facts about bunnies that all responsible pet owners should make sure that they aware of, especially before they decide to take on a rabbit as a house pet.

Interesting Facts About Bunnies

Being well educated on the facts about bunnies and rabbits does not just influence a potential pet owner’s decision about keeping a rabbit or not, but it also helps the pet owner to understand the rabbit and its need in a better manner, thereby making life much easier for both. Given below are some of the basic facts about bunnies, that all pet owners should know about.

Facts About Bunnies Housing Requirements

Rabbits are quite vulnerable to numerous predators or even other house pets, like dogs and cats. Therefore, they need proper shelter, which protects them from such danger. Moreover, they cannot cope with high temperatures and may suffer from heat strokes or death, in temperatures that are too high. Hence they need to be kept in a protective hutch or cage, which is cleaned on a regular basis.

Facts About Bunnies Dietary Requirements

Contrary to what most people believe rabbits require more real food, like fresh vegetables, instead of the regular rabbit pellets. However, their largest source of nutrition should come from Timothy hay. Water is very important for rabbits and should be made available at all times.

Facts About Bunnies For Kids

Most people believe that rabbits make great pets for kids, but this may not be true. This is because rabbits can be quite messy and their surroundings should be cleaned everyday, which may be difficult for children. Moreover, there are many health concerns that apply to rabbits, which is why they may not be the ideal pets.

It is not difficult to find facts about bunny rabbits through online resources, books and pet articles. However, it is best for a perspective pet owner to consult a professional pet breeder or even a veterinarian for any information or facts about bunnies.

  Submitted on January 3, 2012  

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