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Dwarf Bunny

Dwarf Bunny - Information on Various Breeds, Care, Diet and Lifespan of Dwarf Bunny

The dwarf bunny is also called the Netherland dwarf.

It is categorized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association as a small rabbit. It can weigh up to 2 pounds. The dwarf bunnies should usually be bought in pairs. The pair should be ideally from the same litter.

A pair will follow each other around and explore new things that each of the finds. This helps keep the pair interested and active. They do things like eating the same plant one after another, or lazing in the sun or chasing each other around the place or learning to communicate with each other. The pair also grooms each other.

If the pair of bunnies is a male and female, they will start mating even before they reach maturity and you will have your very own cute litters of dwarf bunnies. These bunnies get depressed if either of the pair disappears.

Dwarf Bunny Care

The dwarf bunny care includes a healthy diet. These rabbits, like most rabbits, eat only plants, with fruits and flowers as a treat. Hay is a favorite food of rabbits and is available in pellet form at your pet store. Dwarf bunnies have a sensitive digestive system. If you are going to change its food, do so slowly so as not cause any upset tummies. You can check if the dwarf bunnies’ digestive system is doing okay by checking its droppings. If the droppings are uniformly round and plentiful then what the dwarf bunny is eating, is fine.

Dwarf Bunny Lifespan

The dwarf bunny lifespan is up to 7 to 10 years. In exceptional cases, the bunny can live up to 13 years too. You should ideally buy it at 2-3 months and if the breeder is good, the dwarf bunny can even by a few years old. It is a very shy rabbit as it is one of the smallest around. It is a good pet for a family with older children as younger children can aggravate the little rabbit and make it restless. These bunnies need a small area to be kept in and it is relatively inexpensive to feed them.

Dwarf Bunny Breeds

The dwarf bunny breeds includes about 25 different color varieties that is recognised by American Rabbit Breeders Association. This bunny breed originated in Netherland. You can buy these dwarf bunnies either at exhibitions or at breeders.

  Submitted on January 27, 2012