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Lionhead Bunny

Lionhead Bunny - Information on Size, Weight, Nature and Care For Lionhead Bunnies

What is a Lionhead Bunny?

Lionhead bunnies belong to one of the newest breeds of pet rabbits.

Although this breed is recognized in certain parts of the United Kingdom, they have not been recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association (ARBA). The lionhead bunny gets its name mainly due to its appearance, as it has a long mane of wool that encircles its head. Due to this mane of wool, the rabbit resembles the male African lion.

However, this leonine appearance is common to both, the male as well as the female lionhead bunnies. The lionhead bunny is different from most other breeds of wool rabbits. This is because unlike other wool rabbits, the lionhead bunny has normal fur on the rest of its body.

Lionhead Bunny Size and Weight

Even in the United States, the lionhead bunny is gaining a lot of popularity as a house pet, due to several factors. First of all, they have a unique appearance, which is considered absolutely adorable by most people. In addition to that the lionhead bunny size is most regarded as being compact. These rabbits can weight anywhere between 2.5 pounds and 4 pounds. As compared to other breeds, they generally have shorter ears and a rounded head. When these rabbits are born, they do not have any fur on their cheeks, abdomen, bottom and sides. Because of this they tend to have a “Mohawk” appearance. However, as these rabbits mature, the wool usually grows and covers these bald areas. An advantage that lionhead bunnies have over other wool bunnies is that they do not require a lot of extensive grooming, even after they reach adulthood.

Nature and Care For Lionhead Bunny

Nature-wise the lionhead bunny is very sweet, friendly energetic and gets trained quite easily. They are curious and love to spend time playing with new objects. At times they may act a bit conceited, but in spite of that they can make great pets. However, they may not be the most ideal choice for first-time rabbit owners; only those people who are experienced in looking after rabbits should think about going in for a lionhead bunny.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to get a lot of lionhead bunny info, through several resources, like online sites as well as pet articles. However, in case you are planning to take on a lionhead bunny as a pet, it is best for you to consult a pet breeder, or preferably a veterinarian, for profession information on lionhead bunny care.

  Submitted on January 3, 2012