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Cute Bunny

Cute Bunny - Information on Cute Bunnies Diet, Food and Health Issues

A cute bunny makes a cute and efficient pet especially if you have a garden you can let it out in.

The bunny will take care of itself, eat healthily, do its business outside if well trained and hope around entertaining itself.

Cute Bunnies Diet and Health Issues

Bunnies have a short gestation period of 31 days. Bunnies start breeding as early as by three months.

If you have a female bunny, soon you will have little cute bunnies, forming your little own petting zoo. Did you know the bunnies’ teeth never stop growing! A bunny can drink water enough for a 20 pound dog. Bunnies are known to have false pregnancies, they purr and groom themselves like cats and even eat their own night droppings called cecotropes! A bunny cannot see its food as it has a blind spot right in front of its eyes.  Bunnies make fascinating pets.

Bunnies are all vegetarian creatures that thrive on the greens.

Bunny diet includes a list of many fruits and vegetables. You can also feed your bunny things like coriander, artichoke, arugula, collard greens, basil, beet tops, brussel sprouts, celery, chard, fennel, endive, dill, cucumber and chives. The most common food for bunnies is hay. If you unable to find hay, you can replace it nutrition packed hay pellets that you will get at your pet store. Treats for your bunny includes carrot, apple, banana, broccoli, raisins, plantain chips and unsalted peanuts. Do not feed your bunnies food like lettuce, cabbage, potato tops, tomato leaves or fruits like cherries, peaches, plums and apricots. Chocolate is toxic for bunnies so keep it away.

Bunnies are prone to many health issues. Fleas are common cause and fleas can affect the owners too. Consuming different parts of your garden, especially toxic plants like cloves, honeysuckle, poppies, ivy, oleander, holly, poinsettias, rhubarb leaves and daffodils can also cause the bunny expire quickly. Bunnies have many respiratory problems and though the bunny sneezes are cute, you should quickly seek medical attention.

Rabbits make popular pets. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes about 45 breeds of rabbits in the US that make for good pets. The common breeds are Angora, Alaskan, American Chinchilla, American Sable, Dwarf Hotot, Giant Chinchilla and Silver Marten. Breeds like the Himalayan and Havana are small breeds weighing 2-6 pounds while the American Chinchilla is considered a big breed, weighing up to 11 pounds!

  Submitted on January 27, 2012