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Gelderland Breed of Horse:

The Gelderland is a horse that was developed in the province of Gelderland which is in Netherlands and is essentially a heavy warm blooded breed of horse.

The horse was developed from breeding native mares with other European breeds that were used mainly as a carriage and farm horse. This breed of horse is beautiful, stylish as ever and is used mainly as a carriage driving horse and as a show jumper especially because it has an effective high stepping trot.

Since it is a good driving horse it is also used for general riding purposes and for dressage. Gelderland care is not very complex as these animals are family friendly and are always eager to please.

The Gelderland stands tall at 15.2 and 16 hands high, has a plain head and is mostly found in colors of chestnut and gray and has prominent white markings on their face and legs.

They are also known for having good shoulders, generous quarters and clean legs. The neck is medium sized with a rather long back and its tail also set up pretty high. Gelderland training is relatively easier as they are extremely docile and eager to please. They possess great eagerness, reliability and intelligence. Gelderlands are also very versatile as they can perform equally well in harness and under saddles. What make this breed very appealing to a large group of people are their classic lines with the rich front and enthusiastic performance. Gelderland health is of crucial importance even though it is not prone to a lot of illnesses they might fall prone to it if proper precautions are not taken. Gelderland diet is, therefore, very important as these horses need a lot to eat because of the stamina and energy they need. They ideally should be fed twice a day and their diet can include mixed feed, grass, hay grains and so on. Gelderland grooming acquires even more importance as these animals are primarily used for eventing and carry the reputation of a stylish horse. The Gelderland is every owner’s pride and is a beautiful breed of horse that not only adds beauty to your life but also is a great pet to keep because of their warm temperament which even makes it easy for kids to play with them. You can get all the Gelderland information you need to do your groundwork before you decide to house this beautiful animal as your pet.

  Submitted on February 22, 2010