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Anadolu Pony Information:

The Anadolu breed is not just another horse breed, but is rather the name given to a breed of ponies.

There are a number of other names for this particular breed, such as Turk. Another alternative name would be Native Turkish Pony for this breed. It has its origins in Turkey and this pony is a fairly common sight.

In fact the breed rates as the most common one from the country of Turkey. It is common to find such a breed standing at about 13 hands high. The Anadolu would not only make a good riding horse but it has also been used as a pack horse.

This is because in addition to speed, this breed of horse has also been famed for its endurance capabilities. Its robust nature also makes it a valuable pony breed. Another thing to note about the Anadolu breed is that it has specifically been bred keeping in mind the necessity of having a horse survive in poor conditions. Thus, it has a great endurance and can thrive even in a poor environment.

You will find more Anadolu information locally available in Turkey where it can be found all through the country. Keep in mind your local conditions and the reasons why you want a horse before settling on the Anadolu breed. A lot of people make the mistake of opting for horse breeds without fully realizing the implications of settling a horse in conditions it would not normally be accustomed to. A lot of people take hardy breeds and rear them under soft conditions which often lead to further problems. The other common mistake is to force horse breeds accustomed to finer living conditions to thrive where they have to deal with scarcity and poor conditions. Bear in mind the conditions that this Native Turkish Pony has been bred to live under while considering getting the breed home. Anadolu care is a relatively simple matter since these ponies do not want for much. While the Anadolu bloodline may be considered relatively ancient, this pony breed today has had to be sturdy and has had to survive in harsh conditions. Anadolu health care would also be relatively easy as this pony is hardy. The Turkish breed has been known to adapt to rather cold climates and they can be found thriving in different mountainous regions. Talk to your veterinarian about the Anadolu adapting to local conditions before purchasing such a pony.
  Submitted on February 16, 2010