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Appaloosa Horse Info:

The Appaloosa is the name of a very colorful horse breed which is a full-size one.

This horse breed finds its origins in the United States and is an ancient horse breed. The Appaloosa horse mainly finds it use as a riding or a mount horse that is used worldwide. A spotted coat which can be seen in various patterns as well as colors is one of the most well known features of this breed of horses.

The personality traits of courage as well as a sense of intelligence have made the Appaloosa a breed which has been used even in times of war. Some of these horses have even been described as fierce and they would need a rider who is good at handling horses. Other such horses have also been described as gentle horses and ever willing to please.

The Appaloosa breed still makes an excellent riding horse and can be a joy for those trained to handle horses. Besides racing horses, some Appaloosa can also become trusted family horses. It has a lot to do with the breed of the Appaloosa and its history. As with any horse, an Appaloosa’s diet would consist of plant material in addition to the available grass which is freely available on the plains. When talking about Appaloosa care, the habitat is worth mentioning since these horses would most likely require plains. These Appaloosa horses which have been bred in the United States of America are suited for plains areas as they prefer space for grazing. Another requirement for these horses would be a good measure of water from a close by water source.

Appaloosa health matter may be discussed with the vet but they suffer from the usual problems like parasites. This is one of the reasons why Appaloosa grooming becomes so important. Preventive measures for the same, aside from grooming would include de-worming as well as ensuring proper hygiene. Do consider the usual horse health care measures and ensure that your Appaloosa horse has his or her share of the regular vaccinations and other medical treatment options. Dental and hoof care are also equally important and simple pet health care can help your Appaloosa fight off the usual diseases and ailments. For more Appaloosa information talk to a qualified breeder as well as to the veterinarian. Appaloosa care requirements might be different in individual cases and it is important to ensure the Appaloosa’s health.
  Submitted on June 9, 2010