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Arabian Horse Breed:

The Arabian horse is a horse breed with origins in the Arabian Peninsula.

This horse has a distinct head shape and its tail is set low. It is recognized very easily all over the world and is one of oldest breeds of horses. Arabian horses have spread throughout the world through war and trade and have been used to enhance other horse breeds by providing the qualities of endurance, strength of bones, refinement and speed. The Arabian bloodline is present in mostly all modern riding horse breeds today.

The Arabian horse breed displays great versatility.

These horses excel at endurance riding and compete in many disciplines of equestrian activity. They are considered to be among the top ten horse breeds in the world. Arabian horses can be found throughout the world today, including the countries of South America, Canada, United States and Australia. The head of the Arabian horse has a refined wedge like shape.

The forehead is broad and the eyes and nostrils are large. The muzzle is small. Arabian horses also have a slight bulge on the forehead in the area between the eyes. This provides added sinus capacity which is believed to help the horse in acclimatizing to the dry climate of the desert lands. Another distinctive feature of the Arabian horse is the arched neck and large windpipe which is well set on a refined throatlatch. This provides the bridle with flexibility and gives added room to the windpipe. Arabian horses also have rather long croups and their tails are carried high. Arabians with good breeding also have deep hips and laid back shoulders. Majority of the horses have short backs and compact bodies. Some Arabians have five lumbar vertebrae and 17 pairs of ribs. As such even small Arabian horses can easily carry heavy riders. The horses also have strong bones and feet with good solid hooves.

Arabian horses have lived in close association with man for many centuries in the desert regions. They have been traditionally used to protect from theft or for the protection of children. Reproduction was allowed for only those horses with naturally good temperaments. On account of this, Arabian horses today are permissible for exhibition by children in all show ring classes. However, Arabian horses are also referred to as hot blooded horses which are a term that is also used for other refined speed horses such as the Barb and Thoroughbred. The intelligence and sensitive nature of the Arabians allows them to learn quickly and helps them understand their riders better. 

  Submitted on February 16, 2010