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Albanian Horse Breed:

The Albanian horse breed comprises of small horses which are members of the Balkan group.

These are hardy and efficient horses. There are two types of species within this breed, Myzeqea and Mountains. The Myzeqea horses are larger and can achieve a height of 13.2 hands high.

The Mountain type of Albanian horses can achieve heights ranging from 12.2 hh to 13.2 hh. The Myzeqea horses are very strong for their size and have an ambling gait which allows for easy riding. This makes the horses efficient for long distances.

In recent times, a great deal of interbreeding has occurred between the two types. As such the distinction between the two has blurred.

In Alabania, during the days of the Ottoman empire, the local horses were influenced with plenty of Arabian blood. The stock that resulted was believed to be a product of many combinations of Mongolian horse, Turkmene and Tarpan. Since the 80s the number of horses in Albania has increased greatly. During 1990 certain steps were carried out for the promotion of these horses and to increase their population. There was also the need to improve them for carrying put agricultural work. The concentration of improved horses lies at the breeding centers and specialized farms where stallions are developed for the improvement of local horses.

Albanian breeders aim to increase the population of the horses and enhance their quality. Purebred Arabian, Haflinger and Nonius horses are interbred with Albanian horses to produce improved types. The main purpose behind this interbreeding is to increase the size of the horses so that they can perform agricultural work better. The Haflinger species of ponies was brought in from Austria so that the abilities of the horses in the hilly areas of the region could be improved. Albanian horses are mainly used for carriage, light draft work and riding.

  Submitted on February 16, 2010