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Azteca Horse Breed:

The Azteca horse breed is a modern breed that is a blend of three separate bloodlines comprising of the Iberian horse blood, namely the Lusitano and Andalusian breeds; the Criollo bloodline and the American Quarter Horse bloodline.

The Azteca horse breed is considered to be the official horse of Mexico. This breed was developed in 1972 in Mexico since it was believed that it was time that Mexico had its own breed. The Azteca horse breed is becoming increasingly popular and is slowly challenging the Mexican Criollo. In 1992, the International Azteca Horse Association was created for overseeing this breed.

Other affiliated bodies soon developed in Canada and the United States. Presently, there are 1000 Aztecas registered with the International Azteca Horse Association.

Azteca horses are not too lean or too tall, neither are they too stocky and short. The head of an Azteca horse is elegant and aristocratic with a straight profile. The ears are small and well pricked and the eyes are expressive.

The neck has defined muscles and has a slight arch. These horses have flowing manes and tails and the coat is soft and silky. The tail is set at a medium to low height. They have a full and deep girth with a circumference of 6 feet. The shoulders are long with a slight slope. The temperament of this breed is obedient and lively.

Azteca horses are spirited, proud horses, but are also gently and easy to train. Being alert and courageous, they work eagerly. Males and females grow to a height of 15 to 16 hh at the age of three. Females should not be smaller than 14.3 hh when they are fully grown, while males should not be taller than 15hh. In general, the height of the breed does not go beyond 15.2hh. Azteca horses perform extremely well at activities which involve spirit, agility, power, intelligence, elegance, strength, speed and style. These horses excel in classical riding, dressage, reining, cutting, bull fighting, cattle roping, pleasure riding, polo, team penning and driving. Azteca horses respond excellently to different schools of equine disciplines that involve elevated and suspended gaits. Their anatomical proportions and muscle structure, along with their powerful strength ensure that the Azteca breed is always represented in official competitions. Even though it is a new breed, the Aztecas have already made a mark for themselves in sport jumping. If proper pet health care is taken, these horses show gracefulness and agility even as mounts for the Rejonero.

  Submitted on June 9, 2010