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Brabant Horses Information:

Also known as the Belgian horse, the Belgian heavy horse and Brabant, this is a draft horse breed and it acquires its name from the place it comes from.

This horse breed is from a region in Belgium known as West Brabantian, hence the name Brabant which means Belgian horse.

Power is the word that describes the Brabant and this is exemplified in its deep girth and compact body.

This horse breed looks beautiful and stylish and is usually chestnut, sorrel or roan in color and its height typically ranges from 15.2 hands high to 17hh. The steady temperament of this horse makes it extremely famous among many people. The Belgian Draft Horse that is seen a lot in United States has its roots in the Brabant itself but is not as massive as the Brabant but does retain proportions of it. Brabant care was essential earlier as this horse was primarily bred to suit the traditional agricultural sills of Belgium.

Brabant training is the easiest and it is primarily so because of their steady nature.  The calmer you are with this breed, the easier it is for you to train them.  They also need to be treated with a lot respect as well as caution every time you handle them.  The very young Brabant grooming  needs to be done by people who are experienced in handling horses as they are very playful and might end up hurting somebody around because they themselves are not aware of their strength. They are however safe to play around with as long as you are quiet and are constantly talking to them to let them know where you are.  Do not get carried away with their amiable behavior as these animals are very sensitive and can immediately sense if you are stressed, insecure or agitated which in turn affects their behavior.

This horse is known to carry excessive weight and so it is obvious that the Brabant diet must be heavy.  They have a stomach to eat ad should be fed two times a day. Their diet can include dry feed, oats, barley, hay, grass, bran or mixed feed. Ensure that you have all Brabant information before housing him as a pet.  Brabant health needs to be checked as this horse has a high occurrence of a genetic disorder that is genetic which results in new born foals to lose large areas of their skin and also result in other abnormalities.

  Submitted on February 22, 2010