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Zebra Finch Pet Bird

Zebra finches are very popular with people who want to keep birds as pets.

These birds are easy to care for. Are hardy and a good choice for people who are keeping a bird for the first time. These are small birds and are active as well as fun. Zebra finches are not all that vocal and communicate in peeps and chirps that are easily tolerated by most people.

Do remember that while Zebra finches look small, they need a large cage where they can fly about. Also, just keeping a single bird will get lonely for the pet, so it’s advisable to keep a pair of birds or a few of them together in a large and spacious cage. You can keep a male and female, but then they will readily mate. So, you can keep two females or a group of six.

You also have to remember that while Zebra finches are social birds, they do not form strong bonds with people.

While these birds become tame, they are not great for handling.

About Zebra Finch

These birds have a life span of five to fifteen years. These finches are attractive birds and the males can be easily differentiated from the females. Male Zebra finches have white and black bars on the breast and throat, brown on the side of the body and orange cheek patches. These birds have reddish orange beaks.

Zebra Finch Cage: If you have decided to get a Zebra finch as pet, then find a suitable cage for your bird. The cage should have enough place for the bird to fly about. The cage can be short, but the horizontal length should be enough for the bird to fly around in. If you plan to get a group of birds, you can get an aviary. Also, you need to keep the cage clean. Include some branches in the cage as well as places the bird can perch on. Keep the cage in a cool and shady place, where direct sunlight does not cause over heating. Do not keep the cage near air conditioning ducts or heating ducts. Remember that Zebra finches do not crave for human companionship, so don’t keep the cage in a busy part of the house.

Zebra Finch Food

Give them a good quality seed mix as well as millet sprays. You can also feed them sprouted seeds for the added nutrition as well as salad pieces like chopped spinach, dandelion greens and lettuce. You can also give them tiny pieces of fruit. You can also give them pellets.

  Submitted on May 11, 2010