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Spotted dove

Spotted Dove Species of Bird:

The Spotted Dove is also known as the Chinese Dove or the Spotted Turtle Dove.

It is a type of pigeon native to southern Asia and it is found in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, and Southeast Asia. The Spotted Dove’s natural range is spread across farmland and woods. This bird has been successfully introduced in America in the California region.

Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and New Zealand are some of the areas in which this bird has been successfully been introduced. After being in the Melbourne area in Australia in the mid to late nineteenth century, the Spotted Dove has spread well and has to a certain extent, begun to replace native Australian doves. The spotted dove is so common in Australia, that they can now be found everywhere across South Australia – farms and other agricultural land, common parks, home gardens, and tropical scrubs.

The Spotted Dove can also be found in Western Australia in places such as Perth and Kalgoorlie.

The Spotted Dove builds a nest made up of sticks in the middle branches of a in a tree and usually lays two eggs which are white and glossy in appearance. This bird has a quick flying pattern characteristic of most pigeons – it flies with regular, steady wing beats and sharp flicks of its wings. As far as its physical appearance is concerned, the Spotted Dove is a slim, elegant bird with a long tail. It usually measures about a foot in length. The coloring on the majority of its body - back, wings and tail – are a dull brown with heavy buff markings. The inner edges of the Spotted Dove’s flight feathers tend to be black with a pale grey border. However, these markings are usually visible only when the bird in flight. Both the male and the female birds are very similar in appearance, with the young birds being much less lackluster than the adults. In fact, very young birds do not carry the patchy neckband of the adult Spotted Dove.

The regular diet of spotted dove includes grass, grains, seeds and other vegetation. As a species, the Spotted Dove tends to only forage in cultivated lands and grasslands. It does not conform to a breeding season and mates all through the year. Apart from trees, the nests can usually along the edge of residential spaces and interestingly, sometimes on the ground. The Spotted Dove is not a very social bird and it is naturally found either as a solitary bird or with a mate.

  Submitted on January 15, 2010