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Cockatiels Species of Bird:

Cockatiels are smaller parrots that come in a burst of color and a crest.

Attractive and friendly, these lovely birds make for good pets and can be trained easily. Since they are small in size, it’s easier to train them. These little birds can also mimic speech and can whistle tunes.

Cockatiels Habitat:

Native to Australia, cockatiels are generally found in semi-arid or arid places. You’ll also find flocks of them near watering holes.

These are migratory birds that travel to different places, in search of food and water. You can spot them in flocks or in pairs. They also eat cultivated crops, much to farmers’ chagrin. An interesting fact about them is that they can reproduce at the end of their first year of life.

Cockatiels Lifespan:

A cockatiel in captivity can live up to 15-20 years.

However, some birds have a shorter life span of 10-15 years and a few birds can live for as long as 30 years. It is important to pay attention to diet and exercise if you are planning to keep a cockatiel.

Cockatiels Characteristics:

These are known to be good pets with a sweet demeanor. Of course, a lot depends on the way the bird is handled and taken care of. Like human beings, different birds have different temperament. While some birds are gregarious, others can be shy and retreating in the presence of strangers. Good training and handling is very important for these easily-trainable and sociable birds.

Choosing a bird:

Look for a young bird or a baby bird that has been hand fed and handled with care. You must find a conscientious breeder with well-handled birds. You can even buy a bird from a pet shop. Do remember that older birds are harder to train.

While choosing a bird, look for one that is active, alert and bright. If you find a bird that’s very quiet and is sitting in a corner with puffed feathers, then it might be sick. The feathers of the bird should be shiny and smooth and flat on its body. Make sure that the feathers around the cloaca should be dry, clean and free of fecal matter. Nails should be healthy and in good condition; the beak, well-shaped and smooth; nostrils, clean; and, feet should be smooth.

Feeding habits:

A healthy diet is very important. You can feed your bird seeds as these are nutritious. But remember, seeds have a lot of fat, so these should only be part of their diet. You might also want to consider giving your bird pellet diet as this is nutritionally balanced. Complement these by giving them other food products like legumes, boiled egg and cooked meat. You can also give them sprouted seeds. However, it is advisable to avoid avocado.

  Submitted on January 14, 2010