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Sun Conures Species of Bird:

These intelligent birds enjoy human companionship and make for great pets.

Sun Conures are originally from North eastern South America and are about 12 inches in length. They live for about 25-30 years.

Sun Conures Temperament:

Sun Conures are quite easy to train. They enjoy being with their owners and need a lot of attention. It is advisable to create a safe haven for them and give them adequate space to investigate and explore.

These are not shy birds and will surely let you know if they are feeling left out or if their needs are not being met. When they want your attention, they will call out in a loud, clear and shrill note. Interestingly, these birds are good ‘watch dogs.’

Colors: When a sun conure matures, it has the colors of a rainbow with shades of brilliant blue, green, orange, red and yellow. Younger birds are not as colourful as the adult birds.

This is because they are still young and need camouflage to protect themselves from predators. When the birds are small they have olive green feathers and later change to yellowish orange. They get all their brilliant colors only when they are a year old. Sun Conures have black feet and beaks with white patches around their eyes.

If you have a Sun Conure, then remember to give it a variety of food. You also need to pay attention to their nutritional requirements. When these birds are in the wild, they feast on seeds, nuts and fruits. But when they are kept as pets, they should be given a diet rich in pellets. They also like the occasional treat of nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits.

Exercise: Exercise is important for good health. These birds need a lot of space to fly around, play and explore. So do take the bird out of the cage regularly and give your Sun Conure some time to fly around. The cage should be spacious too and should at the very least, give them space to flap their wings.

Sun Conures as Pets:

Sun Conures are popular as pets. They are affectionate and playful and are good for people who enjoy companionship. These are social birds and have a charming personality. So if you have very less time to spare, then it is advisable not to get this bird as pets. If Sun Conures are neglected, they become screamers and can indulge in destructive behaviour.

  Submitted on February 23, 2010