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Canary Bird Info

Pet health care is not an easy task if you do not have the right information.

Hence pet health information is important and more so if one has delicate pets like canaries. Canaries are complex creatures and need specialized care. A healthy canary bird is usually active and vocal. When they are in good health, their feathers are well pruned. If one sees a change in appearance, behavior or temperament, there is possibility of an illness.

One should be quick in spotting such signs as it allows you to take the pet for veterinary consultation before the illness progresses. There are certain common illnesses and health problems that are prevalent in canaries. Some of these are aspergillosis, mites and bumblefoot.

Aspergillosis is a fungal infection which causes respiratory distress. This infection is caused by a type of a mold.

If this disease is not treated quickly, it can result in death of the canary. A change in the bird’s breathing or vocalization such as wheezing or gasping can indicate this infection. This condition can be diagnosed by an avian vet but it is difficult to treat. It might take months to cure this infection. Proper medication and treatment is necessary to cure this disease. Bumblefoot is a type of infection that occurs in the bottom of the feet of birds. This can happen due to poor nutrition, obesity or lack of activity. If a canary is infected, the bottom of the foot gets red and inflamed. It can turn scabby and can also result in lameness.

Air sac mites are one of the most commonly found parasitic infections amongst canaries. These mites infest the canary’s wind pipe. This can cause a clicking sound when the bird breathes and eventually can cut off the bird’s air supply altogether. A vet must be consulted immediately if one suspects this condition. There are also scaly face mites and red mites which are common in canaries. The scaly face mites can result in crusty appearance on the legs and face and an overgrown beak. This condition is easy to treat with proper medical attention. Red mites are most common in canaries kept outdoors. These mites feed on the bird’s blood and make the bird weak. These mites can be seen in the cage in the morning, engorged with blood. One must take a veterinary doctor’s advice to treat red mites.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010