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African Grey Parrot Information:

The African grey parrot is supposed to be one of the most interesting and charming parrots.

It is an intelligent bird and has a great character. They have been kept as pets for thousands of years and it is believed that the Egyptians were the first keepers of the African grey parrot. These parrots were quite a favorite among the Greeks and Romans.

Even King Henry VIII is believed to have had pet African grey parrots. And true to the tradition, these birds are still considered to be prized pets. These parrots are found in the rainforests of Central and West Africa, and can mimic human speech.

They have a gentle nature and are popular as pets.

Description: African grey parrots are of medium size and are about 10-14 inches long. The Congo African Grey weighs about 380-554 grams while the Timneh African Grey weighs about 300-360 grams. These parrots are mostly grey in color with highlights of white and have a red tail. The area around their eyes is generally white. There are differences between the male and female. The male parrots are bigger, while the females are smaller in size and have a narrower head and a slender neck.

African Grey Parrots as Pets:

These intelligent, gentle birds make for good pets and are good for a family that has kept birds before or are able to understand their capabilities. It is also important to give your pet parrot a stimulating environment. The owner also needs to be patient and needs to give the parrot a lot of time and love. It is believed that the Timnehs African Greys begin to speak earlier than their Congo cousin and are less nervous in new situations and around strangers. They are also more social than the Congo parrots.

In general, this species of parrots can bond a lot more with people. These parrots can get bored quite easily as they are very intelligent and therefore tend to get restless. When that happens they can begin chewing things or picking at their feathers. Thus, it is important that the owner is diligent and active and provides the bird with a stimulating environment.

An African Grey Parrot can live for almost 60 years and thus, if you are planning to get this bird as a pet, be prepared for a long-term commitment. You need to be aware and alert about their habits of chewing. These parrots can be naughty at times.

  Submitted on February 23, 2010