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House training cat

House Train Cat

House training a cat can be a difficult task.

The process may take about a week for a kitten but longer for an older cat that has never lived inside a house. With the help of a few simple cat training tips, you can house train your cat easily. In order to house train a cat, it is important to keep in mind that praise and rewards work better than reprimand and punishment.

Cats don’t respond well to punishment and it is therefore necessary to be patient if you want to house train a cat. One of the most important aspects of house training a cat is teaching him/her how to use a litter box. This is a common problem that most cat owners experience.

You can train your cat to use a litter box with the help of a few simple tips. Firstly, ensure that you choose an ideal spot for your cat’s litter box before training him to use it. This is important because, the litter box needs to be cleaned frequently and is bound to give off a bad odor. A litter box may thus be an unwelcome addition to the living/dining area or even the bedroom. In addition, cats are averse to sleeping or eating in the same room that they eliminate in. It is therefore advisable to place your cat’s litter box in a separate, well-ventilated room where your cat should be trained to go and where it is easy for you to clean the mess. Once you have chosen an ideal place in your home for your cat’s litter box, place several newspapers under it to avoid ruining your floor and to make cleaning easier. Now fill the litter box with clean cat litter of your choice. You can choose from natural pine litter, aromatic litter, multi-cat blend, clumping litter or regular cat box clay filler. Watch your kitten closely for signs that he/she needs to defecate or urinate. Generally, cats tend to start sniffing or scratching the floor when they need to eliminate. When you observe such signs you must physically pick up your cat and take him/her to the litter box.

Training cats to use a litter box on their own may take some time. While it is important to train your cat to use a litter box to eliminate, it is also important not to reprimand him/her when ‘accidents’ occur. ‘Accidents’ are common in the early stages of cat house training

  Submitted on May 7, 2010