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Cat potty training

Cat Potty Training

Wouldn’t it be great if you could potty train your cat? No more smelly litter boxes, no more buying expensive litter and a cat that can hop onto the toilet and use it like a human being.

As rosy as it might sound, you will have to put in some effort in potty training a cat. Patience and plenty of time will go a long way in cat potty training.

What you need to keep in mind: If you are keen on potty training your cat, then keep in mind that the cat may take time to learn this and you shouldn’t get frustrated if it isn’t learning as soon as you hoped it would. Cats can be stubborn and will do things at their own pace.

Also, the cat should be at least six months old because a younger cat may not be able to balance on the toilet seat and can fall in the bowl.

Also, reserve a bathroom for the cat (if you have two in your house) and remember to keep the lid off and the seat on for it. Before you begin to train your cat to use the toilet, the cat should be in the habit of using its litter tray.

If your cat is not in the habit of doing this, then it can make the process of cat potty training more difficult.

Here are some steps on cat toilet training to get you started:

  • Gradually begin shifting the cat’s litter box near the toilet till its right next to the toilet. The cat should know about the location of its litter box as its being moved.
  • Then begin to elevate the litter box. Stuff some newspapers or cardboard beneath it. Observe to see if your cat is comfortable with it or not. Gradually, the height of the litter box should be as much as the toilet seat.
  • Then place the litter box in the open toilet seat and keep it that way till the cat is comfortable with it.
  • Fit a metal bowl in the toilet bowl. Make some small draining holes in the metal bowl. Frill it with flushable type of cat litter, and put away the litter box.
  • When your cat is using the metal bowl, pay attention that it is keeping its paws on the toilet seat. Praise and reward it if it’s using the toilet seat properly.
  • Decrease the cat litter every day and keep the bowl clean. Then substitute the litter with water. Then put away the bowl and see if the cat is comfortable using the toilet sans the metal bowl.
  Submitted on June 10, 2010