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Cat clicker training

Clicker Train Cat

There is a new mechanism to help owners of cats in now training their cats called the cat clicker training.

This new method of communicating with their pets can be a fast and an easy way to train one’s pets especially the cats. It is also a fun way to learn. Clicker training can also help to improve the cat’s heath and its attitude towards its life.

It also helps in improving its activity time. This training style can help leave you cat feeling happier, healthier and more affectionate. Clicker train cat guidelines include teaching one’s cat how to play without scratching or biting, how to get along with a dogs training, how to stay off the tables and chairs, how to go for a walk in the outdoors in a leash and how to do games and tricks.

The material required when training a cat with the clicker training method includes some cat food, cat treats, cat leash and various training aids. The first step in this program is to keep the treats ready in advance if they are homemade ones so that the moment the cat has done a right move or a right action then the owner is ready with a treat to applaud the behavior being exhibited by the cat. For this training the clicker can be a mechanical, store bought clicker or it can be some home device that achieves the same clicking sound. The owner can even try making the clicking sound with his or her own mouth. Start by holding the clicker handily in his hand that is if its not the mouth that is being used. Then place a ball on the target area mainly a stick and hold it in front of the cat. Move the ball in such a way as to appear to be making jerky, short movements with it in the endeavor to make the cat take a swing or swat at the ball. Once the cat reaches out and touches the ball with its paw, then immediately hit the clicker button or make the clicking sound. At the same time immediately reward the cat for touching the ball with one of the treats kept handy. Repeat this exercise 2 to 3 times more then proceed to take a break before starting off on another session. When the exercise has been carried out a few times and the cat is achieving an 80 percent success rate the owner can try swinging the ball lesser. Finally on presenting the ball, the cat should touch it.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010