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Cat exercise

Cat Workout Tips:

With all their playful habits and scampering around the place, pet lovers often forget that their cats too might need some exercise.

Cats face a number of health problems due to relative inactivity or issues such as being overweight. At the same time, the amount of exercise that your cat would require would depend on plenty of individual factors such as health status, previous health problems and breeds. With so many stray cats that are perfectly healthy, the idea that you would start exercising a cat may seem ludicrous to some people.

One has to bear in mind that pet cats have the luxury of plenty of food, sometimes more than is good for them in addition to the problem of being confined at home for long periods. For this reason, such cats have a tendency to gain weight easily and find it harder to work off the excess weight.

Cat Exercising Tips:

There are different ways you can come up with a plan for fitness for cats and it would be wise to involve the veterinarian in this plan.

One has to understand that for a cat, exercising is not the same as what it would imply for the owner. For us, exercise would be a matter of planned movement, use of exercise equipment and the like. Fitness for cats may be as simple as a matter of increasing daily activities. In most cases, roughly a little over 10 minutes of exercise time would do and can be spread over about four sessions in a day. This is incredibly important for your feline’s health and indoor cats in particular would benefit immensely from activity. They would need a lot more of such exercise or activity than cats which have access to outdoor exercise. Exercise would be play for your cat and the kind of play involved would depend on the temperament and inclination of your cat. Crumpled paper balls and other such pet-safe balls are a popular choice when trying to get a cat to move about. Try different toys with your cat since they respond to different sounds and will be interested in different textures and the like. Getting a cat’s attention and encouraging it to move about can be facilitated by different means such as dangling objects and motivating them to jump around by providing treats. If your cat is facing a problem with weight, dietary measures would require revision in addition to adjustments in exercise plans.

  Submitted on February 15, 2010