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Silver dollar

Silver Dollar Fish Species:

The silver dollar fish is a species of fish that come from a family of fish that are closely related to their more dangerous cousins the piranha.

Curiously, these fish are such a major contrast to their piranha cousins that they are actually vegetarian in nature. This can be a problem in some aquariums because they take a go at nearly all the greenery inside an aquarium leaving it completely bare.

The fish are not at all aggressive and make for good community fish.

However, keeping this species with another extremely small species is not a good idea as they will eventually have a go at eating smaller fish. This needn’t be the case if the fish are well fed. These fish are actually quite social and therefore it us a good idea to ensure that you buy at least a few more extra fish to keep each other company.

This can also pose some special challenges to the aquarium owner because one would then have to contend with the massive size of the fish.

Ideally, a silver dollar fish is the size of a plate and actually looks a lot like a piranha, without the frightening teeth for display and devouring. This size makes for a bit of problem especially if you intend to maintain a tank at home. This can cause significant issues from a housing perspective and from the perspective of other fish as well. Unlike cichlids that tend to display some level of affection for their owners, this fish is rather disconnected. The only thing that really gets this fish to pay any attention to its owner is the use of food. Most owners that understand the diet of silver dollar will regularly dangle pieces of leafy vegetables into the fish tank. This is then quickly gobbled up.

The fish has no real major problems with living in an aquarium that is filled with other types of fish but this can also sometimes be a problem since they will try and take a shot at smaller fish. Taking care of these fish includes ensuring that the specific gravity and the pH levels of the water are in accordance with the advice given to you by the pet store. The best way to cater to the odd snacking habit is to ensure that there is adequate greenery within the tank so that the fish do not restrict themselves to a particular plant.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010