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Buenos Aires Tetra Fish:

The Buenos Aires tetra is a beautiful fish that can be the perfect addition to your fish tank.

With a metallic body and red tipped fins with a black marking on the dorsal fin, this fish is characterized as a very hardy, long lived and prolific breeder. They originate from South America, Argentina, Paraguay and southeastern Brazil and inhabit ponds. They are very easy to maintain and are not expensive too.

The Buenos Aires tetra is generally small in size and can grow up to a maximum of 7cm. It is very calm and peaceful and is a great survivor in a community tank. But it is suggested you keep this fish away from shy and delicate species because of its unruly nature.

Buenos Aires tetra is omnivorous and its diet includes regular feeding on flake and dried food along with a vegetable component. It, however, eats most plants except the java ferns and therefore it is advised that you keep them with stone or plastic decoration. Their life span can get extended up to 3 to 5 years or even more provided they are kept in good water conditions.
Buenos Aires tetra is a schooling fish and can be housed in an aquarium in groups of 6 or more fish of the same species. Since this fish has no special requirement it is ideal for beginners. It is important to know that they do need a lot of space to swim hence; the aquarium should be spacious along with sufficient plants, gravels and rocks that can serve them for hiding purposes. The water temperature should be about 18 to 28 degrees celcius and they can also be housed in a coldwater aquarium provided the temperature of the water does not fall below room temperature. The fish is rather easy to breed where spawning takes place over plants and the eggs hatch usually in a day.
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  Submitted on May 7, 2010