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Freshwater barracuda

Freshwater Barracuda Fish:

Most of us are very fond of keeping pets.

Pets that are generally kept by majority of individuals are dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles and so on. Some of us have fish tanks at home where we keep a mix of different species of fish. However, it is very essential to know the types of fish and their nature as they are major deciding factors.

Pet health care is, therefore, of prime importance. Fresh water barracuda is a tropical fish species that originated in the Amazon River. The fish is elongated with a big mouth and eyes.

It is silver in color and has its dorsal fins, which are located at the extreme back, standing tall while the other fins are transparent. Also, its tail is forked. The size of this fish can vary from anywhere around 5 inches to 16 inches in length. The fresh water barracuda lives for many years and they are a predatory species that need live food in the form of earthworms, aquatic insects or sometimes chopped meat. They usually feed on other fish and can eat anything that can fit into their mouths. Hence it is extremely important to make sure that these species are kept with other fish that are bigger than them. They are very aggressive in nature.

The fresh water barracuda needs a big tank where it has enough place to swim and plenty of water. You need to ensure that the tank is fitted properly as they have a tendency to jump out. Therefore, if you plan to keep them in ponds make sure that they cannot jump outside. In case of an aquarium, you must take measures to populate the tank densely with plants behind as well as the sides of the tank to ensure that the fish do not smash themselves against the glass. They can tolerate water temperature in between 24 to 28 degree Celsius. The female breed is known to be plumper. Breeding of this fish is difficult but not impossible and can be done by keeping one male and two female species in a large aquarium. An increase in temperature is said to result in spawning and one spawning can result in a number of small barracudas. When housing a barracuda as a pet, it is important to know about pet health information in order to know about their maintenance as there are a number of pet health issues and if proper precautionary measures are not taken it can prove harmful.

  Submitted on May 7, 2010