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Severum Fish Species:

The severum is a species of cichlid that originates from the South American rain forests.

The fish is striking in appearance and comes in a gold colored variant. A rarer olive green variant is also sometimes found in certain pet stores though this is usually a wild variety. From a pet health care perspective, there is little that you need to do beyond ensuring the pH levels of the water that the fish will inhabit and that there are no aggressive fish in the tank.

Like all cichlids, this is a fish with special breeding habits that put other fish to shame. These fish will care for their young to a great extent; therefore, if you have a pair at home, rest assured that environmental considerations being constant, you will see more of these fish in your aquarium.

Most cichlids are known to be extremely territorial and aggressive in nature.

This is behavior that is not just limited to its mating season habits and can sometimes border on the violent for other more benign species. This behavior is manifested in fin nipping causing severe distress to other species. The severum is known to be quite a bit more benign and placid than most other species from its family but it will become very territorial during the mating season. The fish, upon finding a suitable mate, will mate by the female depositing eggs onto a horizontal surface and the males then fertilizing these eggs. Once fertilized, the male usually takes complete ownership of taking care of the young by clearing the site of dead eggs and algae. The remaining healthy eggs are fanned to ensure a fresh supply of oxygen.

Once hatched, the parent continues to provide support until the hatchlings are ready to venture out on their own. This does not mean that there are completely safe as other members of the species could make a snack of the occasional drifting fry. The severum is an omnivorous fish and actually requires a great deal of plant matter in its diet. This plant matter can come in the form of peas, lettuce, and other vegetable matter. Non-plant food can include brine shrimp that is the most easily available food from most pet stores. Like all cichlids, this is a fish with some serious character and it can recognize its owners and even stare at them as they pass by the tank. At some level, they are also slightly playful when feeding with their owners.  

  Submitted on May 7, 2010