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Dog nutritional supplements

Dog Nutrition

Most pet foods claim that they contain the necessary dog nutritional supplements but this need not always is the case.

Moreover after the recent pet food recalls, a number of owners have turned to cooking their pet’s food at home. While this may be safer, it need not always contain all the nutrients that the pet requires. The ideal dog diet should contain forty percent protein from meat, fifty percent vegetables and ten percent carbohydrates.

A lack of the requisite nutrition affects the dog not just physically, but its mood as well leading to restlessness, unprovoked irritability and exhaustion. The necessity of dog nutrition supplements becomes apparent when the dog has a dull and brittle coat, when the coat turns dry and flaky, when energy levels drop, there is a sudden increase or decrease in weight.

Dog Nutrients

Once you notice these symptoms, first try to change its diet to see if things get back to normal.

If this does not work visit a veterinarian to determine whether she or he is suffering from some ailment that is causing these symptoms. Once an ailment has been ruled out, the vet is likely to prescribe supplements for the dog. Dog nutrients include vitamins and minerals which aid to keep the dog’s immune, circulatory, reproductive, digestive and nervous system in good working order. The dog requires calcium and phosphorous for its blood to coagulate, for muscle contraction and for the growth of strong and healthy bones. The formation of the tissues, cells and bones are dependent upon copper while glucosamine ensures that the joints are in working order. Iodine ensures that the thyroid functions properly as do its metabolic levels. Zinc maintains a healthy coat and skin and prevents it from going dry and flaky to some extent. Fatty acids are an essential component of your dog’s diet and while ensuring that the organs function properly, it also controls allergies and inflammations when they occur. Selenium works as an antioxidant and helps eject impurities from the system while potassium helps to maintain fluid balance in the body. It also ensures that the muscles and nervous system is in good working order. Of the vitamins, Vitamin A ensures a healthy coat, clear eyes, healthy muscles and a reproductive system that functions well. Vitamin B keeps energy levels high and aids in the normal growth process. Along with nutritional supplements, the dog must also have plenty of exercise in fresh air and drink water to aid in its every day metabolism.

  Submitted on May 27, 2010  

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