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Dog Arthritis Supplements

Dog arthritis is the leading cause of chronic pain in dogs.

It is a degenerative disease that not only causes pain but also loss of mobility and a decreased quality of life. Arthritis in dogs results in the degeneration of the cartilage, which further hampers routineactivities like walking, running, and other physical activities.

Causes, Symptoms of Dog Arthritis

  • Wear and tear of ligaments or tendons
  • Trauma
  • Joint infections
  • Poor nutrition
  • Obesity.
  • Stiffness when getting up or lying down
  • Limping
  • Pain after exercise
  • Resisting touch
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite.
It is vital for dog owners to recognize dog arthritis symptoms in order to begin treatment.

Treatment for Dog Arthritis

  • You must take proper care of the dog and early treatment is very important in dog arthritis treatment.

    Exercise is a very important part of the treatment as it helps in maintaining mobility in your dog. It also helps keep your dog fit and keeps its weight in control. This is very helpful because in overweight or obese dogs, the joints suffer from extra stress.
  • Generally, the vet prescribes certain pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs for instant arthritis pain relief and for reducing inflammation.

    The vet may also recommend for an ongoing treatment plan  that  completely cures the disease if detected early or helps keeping the situation under control.  You must remember if one of the supplements doesn’t seem to relieve your dog, move on to another.

Dog arthritis supplements also help in protecting your dog’s joints, apart from treating the symptoms of dog arthritis. Different dogs respond differently to different types of supplements. You must find out which supplements works well with your dog. Some popular dog arthritis supplements include:

  • Natural herbs such as Alfalfa soothe the inflammation and ease the pain suffered by your dog.
  • You must provide dog mixed with fresh vegetables and parsley which are rich sources of vitamin B.
  • Use a few drops of herbal oil and massage gently the joints and surrounding areas in order to reduce the pain in your dog’s limb.
  • You must include omega fatty acids in your dog’s diet as it is also an arthritis supplement and keeps your dog’s joints healthy and strong.
  • Dog with arthritis should be put on glucosamine therapy. This includes oral supplements that contain glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, green lipped mussel, hyaluronic acid, or a combination of these. This can also be taken through injections. Glucosamine is the primary ingredient in arthritis formulae. It helps in the formation of joint cartilage and synovial fluid.
  • As a responsible dog owner, you must regularly provide dog joint supplements and other medications as prescribed by the vet. You must never give any medication or supplements without consulting your vet. However, most of these substances are safer than traditional drugs and have very few side effects. Dog arthritis supplements can help regenerate lost cartilage in joints, and ease and even reverse the symptoms of canine arthritis.
  Submitted on May 27, 2010  

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