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Dog Food Supplements

Dogs are not only cherished companions but quickly become a part of the family and just like any other family member, they require love and care.

An average dog lives for about 10-12 years. However, if the dog is in good health, it can live for up to 15 years as well.

Who wouldn’t want their dogs to live as long as possible? Still, we seldom worry about our dog’s health if it is eating properly.

Rarely do we stop to think about whether the food we feed to our dogs contains the optimum nutrition that our dogs require.
Just because your dog eats all the food that you place in its bowl, does not necessarily mean that you have taken care of all the nutritional needs of your dog. If you want your dog to be as healthy as possible, it is important to feed it the best diet along with the nutritional supplements that seem to be missing from its diet.

The foods that you give to your dogs will not always be able to fulfil all its dietary needs.

To meet the unfulfilled nutritional needs, dogs are often given dog food supplements. These are simply over the counter or prescribed drugs that contain some of the micronutrients that a dog requires in its daily diet. Once you’ve spoken to a vet you should be able to identify which of these are required for your dog. Each of the dog supplements tablets or capsules have a mix of nutrients that are vital to the dog. The dog may not be getting these nutrients from its current diet. However, if the dog is provided with food that is specially formulated, keeping in mind its height, weight, age, and other needs, there are good chances that you won’t have to rely on these dog supplements. It is easy to tell if your dog needs additional supplements in its food. The dog’s coat will appear dull and brittle with the skin becoming dry and flaky. The dog may begin to either gain or lose a lot of weight and its energy levels will remain low. Both, natural dog supplements and supplements in the form of capsules and tablets should only be given to the dog after a thorough consultation with the doctor. The vet will evaluate your dog’s health and its diet and will recommend the nutrients which need to be added to the diet. You can then buy the corresponding supplements for your dog.

  Submitted on May 27, 2010