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Dog joint supplements

Dog Joint Supplements

Advancing age causes a weakening of the muscles in the human body.

This leads to difficulty in standing upright or holding objects. Animals such as dogs and cats also experience these symptoms. Dog joint supplements are beneficial in such cases.

It is important to know how to select the right joint supplements for dogs. You may read books on the subject or research it on the internet. The best way, however, is to seek advice from your local veterinarian.

Arthritis is the most common problem which canines suffer from. Before purchasing the joint supplement, it is important to first understand the cause of the problem. Excess weight could be one of the causes. The best way to deal with this problem is to regulate your dog’s diet so that the caloric intake is reduced. The dog’s diet should consist of foods that do not have added food coloring and preservatives.

The diet should also be low in intake of carbohydrates and fat. You may even prepare your pet’s meal at home using meat and vegetables. Combine proper diet with adequate exercise so that the metabolic rate is increased. A beneficial joint supplement that is available over the counter is glucosamine. This is known to be helpful for the health of the cartilage. Look for supplements that have chondroitin sulfate as this helps the cartilage to draw in water. This allows for lubrication and nutrition of the cartilage.

Another effective supplement is methylsulfonylmethane which is useful for dogs that suffer from arthritis. Research has not indicated any adverse side effects resulting from this supplement. Dog joint problems may also be alleviated by gently massaging the affected joints. Many also use massage oils that are available at drug stores. It is advisable to check with your vet before applying any substance to your dog’s body. There are also certain herbs which are effective in dog arthritis treatment. These include alfalfa, licorice, yucca extract and shepherd’s purse. They work by relieving pain and getting rid of toxins from the body. There are some food joint supplements as well which are known to help in dog joint problems. These may be available in liquid or tablet form. The liquid forms are usually preferred as they are absorbed by the body easily. The tablet form works by dissolving in the digestive system of the dog and hence takes a longer time to display its effects. Apart from joint supplements, you can provide relief to your dog by buying him a warm bed to sleep on.

  Submitted on May 19, 2010  

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