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Caring for Pet Snake:

Snakes have been the object of fascination and fear for humanity for a very long time.

From biblical stories to Greek mythology and folklore, there has always been a place for snakes in the mind of man. Snakes for this reason perhaps are seriously considered as pets as far back as documented history with Cleopatra actually sporting a ball python on her wrist as a pet.

Till today the ball python is still considered a pet and it along with the corn snake are some of the most popular pets in the United States.

Pet snake care is something that is not as simple as just feeding the snake and requires a thorough understanding of the species and its particular requirements. There are many things that an owner has to bear in mind about how to care of snake, like its dietary requirements, temperature requirements, and its activity levels.

One of the most important aspects of taking care of a snake lies in its dwelling. The best way to keep a snake is to keep it in a large drained aquarium. The interior design of this should mirror a microcosm of its natural habitat with a small water body, crevices, and a warm area that would serve as its basking area. Temperature is a major component of a snake’s life. Snakes are cold-blooded creatures that cannot regulate their temperature like warm-blooded ones. This does not mean that they prefer being in that state and need warmth to survive. In fact, if a reptile does not have access to warmth, its metabolism would actually slow down and it needs warmth to digest its food otherwise it would just end up rotting in its stomach. The water body in a tank should just be a small puddle filled with distilled water and should be in a container.

The crevices should be made from a collection of rocks and the heating and basking area should consist of a light bulb or heating lamp that is only in one far area of the tank, mimicking the action of the sun. The tank must be cleaned every week to ensure that the reptile is kept in a sterile environment. Special note should be taken of the requirements of the snake to molt at least thrice in a year and you must construct rough surfaces that the snake would like to squeeze through and slough off its skin. 
  Submitted on January 21, 2010