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List of Lizard Species:

Lizards are a very ancient species that have roamed the earth for eons.

The variants of these reptiles are seen in animals like the snake, which are actually limbless lizards in a sense and this reflects in some of the vestigial bones of the snake’s skeleton. Some of the most ancient species of the lizard can be found in the South East Asian islands called the Komodo dragon.

This is one of the few lizard types that even humans need to fear as they have been known to stalk and kill humans. This is not because they themselves inflict a venomous bite, despite the presence of venom glands, but rather because the animal’s saliva contains a toxic cocktail of bacteria that can inflict sepsis on their victims, which is a poisoning of the blood that will lead to death.

The other species of lizard include the tiny garden lizard that feast on insects in the garden and to that effect can control a lot of the damage sustained in crops.

Pet lizard species
include the favorite gecko and skinks. Some people will also keep chameleons as pets but considering how rare a species they are, the practice of keeping chameleons as pets is fading fast. The list of lizard species that can actually be kept in captivity is endless and only limited by the expertise of the owner and the infrastructure required to actually house the animal. Some species of lizard actually require an ultraviolet lamp as part of their living requirements. There are several new species of lizard that are being discovered with some limbless varieties being discovered in the jungles of Borneo. These would, in most probability be protect species and not animals that are available for sale or nurturing, though the thriving black markets in pet trade in these regions of the world could be a possible avenue to source these exotic pets.

Rearing lizards is a matter of ensuring that the animal is well fed, exercised when required, and gets an adequate amount of heat. Heat is sometimes the fatal error that most pet owners will make with lizards. All reptiles are cold blooded and this means that they cannot regulate their own body temperature and therefore rely on the sun. In the absence of adequate heating, their metabolisms can almost come to a standstill. Therefore, it is important to keep a variety of temperature ranges with enclosures for lizards.
  Submitted on January 21, 2010