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Gecko Species

Gecko Species as Pet

A gecko is a small lizard that hails from the Gekkonidae family and is predominantly found in the warmer climatic regions of the world.

The various species of geckos are known to communicate via a series of clicks and chirps – a very unique trait amongst animals of the lizard family. The gecko species list is very large and spans over 1200 different types and most of them are very popular pets.

You will usually find a certain type of gecko in a specific part of the world. For example, the leopard gecko is commonly found in parts of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan and is very fond of the sun and heat.

The banded gecko is another species of gecko that is also very fond of the sun and heat and is predominantly found in parts of New Mexico, northern Mexico and southwestern Utah. The leaf tailed gecko is widely known for its ability to easily camouflage its skin to match the surface of a tree bark, moss as well as lichens that are known to occur and are most commonly found in the island of Madagascar. The Tokay gecko is considered to look very poisonous, but isn’t and can grow to the length of a substantial 14 inches. The white spotted gecko is one of the fastest species of geckos and its skin is extremely sensitive – causing it to be damaged rather easily. The white spotted gecko can grow to a substantial size of about 10 inches. The African fat tailed gecko is species of the desert variety and is easy to take care of because of the fact that it can live for days on the fat that it is able to store in its tail.

Almost all different geckos species, apart from the day gecko, are usually active during nightfall and have rather sensitive skin. Geckos also tend to be very territorial and may sometimes need to be housed individually. The optics of the geckos eyes have very distinct concentric zones and refractive powers that help constitute a multifocal optical system that combines with the large cones of the gecko to allow it to have very clear color vision even in low intensity lighting. When keeping a gecko as pet, it is usually able to survive in a small tank or terrarium, but must have a sufficient amount of space in which to survive. For proper pet health care, the average temperature for the gecko should be set between 78 – 88 degrees while the night temperatures should not be allowed to fall below 72 degrees inside the tank.
  Submitted on July 14, 2010