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Oscar fish food

Oscar Fish Food

The Oscar fish is a freshwater fish, found mainly in the river Amazon of South America, and in some of the water bodies surrounding it.

Its scientific name is astronotus ocellatus, and it usually has red and brown markings on its body. The albino Oscar has a white and red pattern. If given proper care they can grow above a foot in length, and almost 2 kilos in weight.

  • Caring for Oscars: Oscars are very popular as pets, not only for their bright colors but also because they recognize and respond to their owners.

    Oscar fish care is important to keep them in good health. This would include feeding them high quality Oscar fish food. Another important factor for proper Oscar fish health is to keep the water temperatures inside the aquarium at 28 degree Celsius.

    A large size aquarium, at least 4 feet long, is necessary to keep the fish comfortable. Since Oscars can be often quite aggressive, it is also best not to mix them with other breeds of fish. Its companions should be other Oscars.
  • Feeding Oscars:  It is not difficult to get good food for Oscar fish, since they have a very versatile diet and love to eat a different food everyday. While they relish live food, they are omnivores and also need some plants and algae to provide them with vitamins for good health. Deficiency of Vitamin C can prove fatal for Oscars, hence it is necessary to ensure that any Oscar fish food that you buy, contains significant levels of it.

In the wild, Oscar fish love to eat catfish. If you are keeping Oscars in an aquarium, you can feed it some live insects, worms and fish. They are particularly fond of crickets, grasshoppers, flies, earthworms and mosquito larva (also known as bloodworms). Your Oscar will also be happy if you feed it some feeder goldfish, crayfish and rosy reds. Some of this Oscar fish food can be grown at home or bought frozen commercially.

Other than this, you can choose from a huge variety of commercially manufactured Oscar fish food, which are available in pet shops. These come in tins or packets. Many Oscar owners are always ready to vouch for tetra cichlid large flakes. Floating pellets are also a good treat, and they come in many forms and sizes.

Always buy a variety of different Oscar fish foods – live, frozen or dry – and rotate the servings every day. This will keep your pet healthy, active and happy, and allow it to grow to its maximum.

  Submitted on July 16, 2010  

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