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Goldfish food

Goldfish Food

Goldfish require special food to ensure proper digestion and optimum health.

They experience digestive problems thus it is better to offer them several small feedings than a single large feeding. However you must avoid overfeeding as that can cause digestive woes. Feeding pellets or flakes to your goldfish are sometimes not considered to be very healthy among fish enthusiasts.

Some gold fish owners recommend a variety in feeding gold fish; Goldfish food could include potions of fruits and veggies. Some fish owners believe that soy or grains found in commercial fish foods contain starches which might not be easily digested by your gold fish.

Goldfish diet requires proteins, carbohydrates and a wide range of vitamins.

So make sure you choose a nutrient rich food specifically suited for your gold fish. You can consider feeding your fish a variety of food that would include leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach or live food such as brine shrimp and blood worms. It is important that you feed your fish once a day; remember to offer a tiny amount of live with every pinch of commercial fish food. The remnants of food for goldfish in the tank should be cleared with the help of a net, to avoid polluting the water. If you are worried about overfeeding your fish then you might consider using a feeding ring, which attaches to the side of a tank, this allows better control. Goldfish health can be ensured by giving them an appropriate diet and taking utmost care of the quantity of food being given to them. Some people feed their goldfish foods such as duckweed, azolla, frogbit plants on a daily basis. Occasionally you can also feed them kiwi or a small quarter of orange in a tank.

Make sure you know what you are feeding your goldfish; a lot of times you might drop a poisonous substance accidentally in their tank which they might eat die. Apart from natural alternatives there are plenty of options when it comes to pellets and flakes. The nutritional content will differ in pellets manufactured by different companies. You must not experiment with the kind of food you are feeding your fish. Stick to one type of food. If you are still unsure on what type of food will be best for your goldfish then you can ask gold fish owners or the staff working in an aquarium.

  Submitted on October 22, 2010  

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