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Fish Food

Fish Food

Fish food generally consists of micro nutrients, trace elements and vitamins necessary for the development and health of a captive fish.

Many fish enthusiasts prefer feeding their fish in flake, pellet or tablet form. However it is suggested that you should vary their diet with different types of tropical fish food described below. Do realize that two or three small feedings during the day should be enough for a single day. Overfeeding will lead to poor water quality, stressed fish or even cause digestion problems for your fish.
There are different types of fish food.

Flake fish food, brine shrimp, blood worms, krill, shrimp pellets, spirulina, algae food, frozen fish food, freeze dried fish food, live fish food etc. are just some of the examples of a wide variety of growing fish food for different types of fish.  It is very important to select fish foods carefully. Selecting fish food will help in preventing diseases from spreading in the tank. Proper food for fish will make your fish active.

Different types of fish food will also help make your fish well-colored. It helps in stimulating breeding. You will have to determine whether your fish accepts vegetables, meal based food or both. There are some fishes which thrive on plant based food only. Examples of this type are catfish; catfish are also known to consume meat based food. There are some species of fish which prefer meat over plant based food. An example of this type of fish is the African cichlids. There are some freshwater fish that require a specific diet. Uneaten food will threaten all the living things in your tank. This food will eventually turn into fungus and will get sucked into the filter leading to a buildup of toxins in the tank/bowl.  

You must increase the amount of fish food during breeding periods. Live food stimulates breeding, however if you keep herbivores then do not introduce meat based food. You must always buy quality food for your fish. Healthy food will help in managing the health of the fishes in your aquarium. A good quality fish food will consist of all the essential nutrients. Most fish food packets display the amounts and levels of proteins, carbohydrate and fat content on the back of the packet. Make sure you check different brands of fish food. Taking care of fish is easy, yet it requires skill and patience. All you need to do is devote some time to your aquarium and fish.




  Submitted on July 16, 2010