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Rabbit Grooming

Groom Your Rabbit:

Rabbits are one of the few pets that are naturally so at home with humans that they are almost subconsciously considered to be loving pets and this reputation is not undeserved as they are docile, quite amiable, and will even form lasting bonds with other pets in the household like cats, dogs, and birds.

These are also quite playful creatures that even enjoy the use of toys to keep themselves occupied. It is advised to every pet owner that they allow at least two hours of activity time for their pet rabbits everyday to avoid muscular atrophy – especially in the jumping hind legs.

There are some breeds of rabbit that are quite peculiar and present themselves with special needs. Some of these needs will include grooming a rabbit and this especially true of subspecies like the Angora and Lionhead.

Grooming angora rabbits can be quite a task considering the amount of wool that the rabbit will have in the course of a year. Unless you are aiming for some kind of an exhibition or a show, it is a good idea to shear off this wooly layer during the summer months as a thick matt of hair as it is in the angora will cause the animal to overheat fatally. Lionhead rabbit grooming is equally required, despite the fact that this breed of rabbit is a bit better off than the angora in spread of fur or wool.

The best way to groom either of these animals is to either take some time to gently comb over the surface of the wool to extricate some of the loose wool, or to use molting pads that you would normally use on a cat or a dog to remove the loose wool. Some people find that it just makes more sense to get rid of an overgrown amount of wool completely for the creature’s comfort. There is an aspect of grooming that also must be remembered and that is shampooing. Contact your local pet store to understand which the correct type of shampoo is for your exotic rabbit. Remember that rabbits are unable to vomit or remove fur balls that can sometimes end up in their stomachs since rabbit do groom themselves. This can result in a near fatal situation if the animal ingests too much hair. Since a rabbit’s teeth are continuously growing, proper grooming also involves using toys that can be chewed on to keep the growth of teeth in check.

  Submitted on July 13, 2010  

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