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Bunny Food

Bunny Food - Comprehensive Information on Bunny Diet List, Foods To Avoid, Food Guide and Recipes

A lot of people who have bunnies, or are planning to get bunnies, think they know what bunny food to get for their pets.

Feeding rabbits, however, is not as easy as many of us tend to think. You cannot just chuck any old plant into your rabbit’s cage and rest assured that you are giving your pet a good bunny diet. You need to have an entire bunny diet list to know which food you should and should not give to your bunnies.

Throwing in any old plant into the cage is not the way to keep a healthy rabbit. If you cannot find the right bunny food list, perhaps you should visit a vet who will guide you and help you plan more a more healthy diet for your bunny.

Bunny Food List To Avoid

Some of the foods that you get for your rabbit seem like natural foods, but essentially, those foods may not be good for your pet at all. Most of the fruits and vegetables that you think are good for your rabbit are, in fact, extremely bad for them.

Lettuce, for instance, is considered the favorite food for bunnies, but actually lettuce contains lactucarium, which can cause diarrhea in rabbits.

Sometimes, this rabbit diarrhea can be fatal for these little creatures. There are many other foods like cabbage, parsnips, Swedes, leaves of tomatoes, and potato tops that should never be given to rabbits. Other foods that should never be given to your rabbits include arum lilies, buttercups, hemlock, honeysuckle, foxglove, dahlia, clover, poppies, deadly nightshade, ivy, bluebells, primulas, fairy primrose, larkspur, anemonies, tulips, snowdrops, and other such common plants.

Bunny Food Guide and Recipes

If you are leaving your bunnies out in the open, allow them to graze in the field. However, make sure that there are no clovers in the field. Some of the safest foods for your bunnies include timothy hay, apples, carrots, bananas, and broccoli. Fruits should ideally be fed in small amounts as treats. The bulk of the rabbit diet should consist of Timothy hay, as these contain all the nutrients that are required by a rabbit. There are many bunny food recipes that you can try and add to your bunny’s diet. Your vet can provide you with an entire bunny food guide that consists of all the foods that are good for your bunnies, apart from the recipes of bunny foods. Giving your rabbit the best foods and healthy foods allow for a healthy and happy rabbit to grow.


  Submitted on November 10, 2011  

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