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Kitten Training

Kitten Training - Information on New Kitten Training Techniques For Litter, Control Biting and Scratching

Training cats and kittens is like training any other pet.

You have reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior. If you always wanted to encourage your cat to use the litter box and not the floor! If you wanted to teach your cat to scratch the scratch posts and not the furniture legs! Some kitten training tips should come in handy.

Kitten Training Techniques

Like in any training, you have to stop shouting and reprimanding your cat, especially when you catch the cat doing something it should not be doing. This is a very important step as you will most likely show the kitten the place where it has piddled and take it to the litter box.

The kitten will not understand that you want it to actually do its job in the litter box. Kitten training techniques need to be given due consideration.

Kitten Training For Litter

A new kitten needs training for litter. Kitten training for litter is however extremely simple and often not even necessary as cats tend to naturally use litter boxes.

The second step is setting up the kitten so that it can successfully do the task you are setting out for the kitten training. Once the kitten actually does this, for example uses the litter box, then you should amply reward the kitten by giving it a treat or lavishing praise.

While the kitten is being trained, also set up the environment in such a manner that the kitten will not be able change its behavior. For example if your kitten relieves itself on foot mats instead of the litter box, ensure that foot mats are not around till the training is completed. If you kitten is reluctant to use the litter box, you might also need to check out and clean out the litter box.

Your kitten training should include tips, tricks and techniques to control the kitten’s biting and scratching. You want to ensure that your cat does not scratch and ruin furniture and clothes despite a scratch pad. The same training techniques work even when you are trying to train kittens so that it does not clean its claws on your furniture.

You also need to remember that the kitten will also need exercise. So if you don’t play with your kitten, it will find ways to entertain itself, often at your cost. You need to have toys for the cat that allow it to run and play around and develop its attack mechanism. Balls with string and bird houses are examples. A cat responds with meows, plaintive ones often, when you are training. So when you are training keep that in mind that if a cat calls you, you do not need to respond till it quiets down.

  Submitted on December 25, 2022  

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