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Kitten Care

Kitten Care - Information on Caring For Newborn, Baby and Orphan Kittens

Pets are a common sight in most households all over the world, with probably two of the more common types being cats and dogs.

Pets are usually housed for a combination of two or more purposes, with the chief amongst them being for security and companionship. One of the biggest misconceptions is that cats are not as loyal to their masters as dogs because of their more independent air. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth as cats can be easily trained to be loyal when they are kittens.

The mistake that most people make is letting the cat grow into its own habits, without curbing the negatives ones while the animal is still young and ready to learn. Once a cat has matured and become used to its tendencies, it will not take kindly to human interference with regards to how it should act.

Newborn and Orphan Kitten Care

Cats are also known to be very demanding, meaning that kitten care can be possibly much harder than a first time owner would have imagined. Techniques on the best practices differ from newborn kitten care to orphan kitten care.

Orphan kitten care, for instance, will also require you to gently introduce the cat to your household for it to get comfortable with its new surroundings. This may prove to be especially difficult in the event that you have some other cats at home already as there is always a chance that things could get a little out of hand in the first encounter. The best method of introducing the new cat to your existing cats is to bring it home in a carrier so that your existing pets can smell your new cat without any fear. It is also important to make sure that you feed your new cat in a neutral location as the old ones can be very protective about their domain. Kitten proofing your household is another very important aspect of cat care because of the fact that cats are very playful animals and will usually start to fool around with a lot of the items present in the household. Make sure you keep any sharp objects as well as any chemicals away from the reach of your kitten to create a safe environment for the animal. Electrical wires and cords are often chewed on by the cats as well, so making sure they are safe and secure will also prove to be a very good idea.

Baby Kitten Care

Understanding the signs of good health is a very important aspect of caring for a kitten as well as baby kitten care. Examine your cat thoroughly and regularly to ensure that the animal is in the best of health. Some of the most telling signs to look for include – the eyes being bright and clear, the ears being clean as well as free of any kind of discharge, redness and odor. The coat is usually shiny and clean, any other condition of the coat is a clear indicator that the animal might not be feeling too well. When it comes to health factors, one should also remember that certain breeds of cat are susceptible to certain conditions. For instance, Persian cat kitten care needs to be considerate of the fact that these types of cats tend to be very susceptible to eye conditions – with matter building up very frequently meaning that one will need to regularly clean the animals eyes to prevent any other eye conditions from developing. There is a lot of information available through sources such as the internet when it comes to kitten care that you could always refer to when you need to.


  Submitted on December 25, 2022  

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