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Reining Horse Training

Training is extremely important for your horse so that you can teach them a desired behavior and help them to learn things that you want them to.

It is essential that you master the right horse training techniques so that training becomes an enjoyable experience for both you and your horse. Reining is a competition where the aim of the rider is to direct the horse through a certain pattern that consists of spins, circles and stops.

There are around eight to twelve movements that are included in the reining pattern and some of them are circles, flying change, rundown, sliding stop, backup, roll back, spins and pause. If you want your reining horse to perform well you need to give due consideration to the way the head, neck, hip and back are positioned as without this you cannot ensure a smooth stop, fast spin or circles.

Before you start reining horse training, it is very essential that you establish a correct frame.

An important aspect of reining horse training is the way your horse makes a sliding stop wherein he has to halt completely after taking a gallop and is a favorite among the crowd. There are a number of factors that determine its length and these factors are the natural ability that the horse possesses to stop, the ground on which the horse stops, the manner in which the horse is shod, the speed at which the horse is when he’s about to stop and the way the rider uses the reins to give the horse the signal to stop. Along with these, your horse also needs to have the desire to stop and if he does not possess it then all the training sessions are going to go in vain. A few horse training tips that will ensure a good stop will be beneficial to train them in the right way. Add a few rice hull or shavings to the sliding ground as that will enable to get a better slide. The shoes of a horse play a great role in determining the slide and thus, you must make them wear shoes that are prepared by flat bared iron that is tempered. You need to remember that the lesser the friction they have on the ground, the longer is the slide. If your horse is resisting a certain thing, it is indicating that there is something wrong with the way you are training them.

  Submitted on June 8, 2010