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Clicker Training Horse

Clicker training is one of the most humane and positive methods of training a horse.

Clicker training a horse involves what is known as a ‘Yes answer signal’ combined with a reward whenever the horse has done something right. The clicker makes a distinctive sound that the trainer makes at the exact time the horse has done something right and since horses are intelligent animals, they catch on very quickly to this. They will associate the click with a reward of their favorite food if it is given every time it performs something right.

You need not use a plastic clicker if you can manage a tongue click or some other hand signal of indicating what is right. Horses have enormous appetites and your treats can include apples, carrots, preferably chopped up so it is easy for them to eat. Take care when you give them treats as part of clicker training the horse as horses have extremely delicate digestive systems.

Take your treats from their daily ration of food, mostly a carrot sliver or a cube of sugar. So you won’t be over feeding your horse either. In order to clicker train a horse, one need not show them who’s boss, the horse here understands what makes you click and help it get the reward at the end of it all.

Clicker training requires a calm and patient attitude on the part of the trainer. Since treats are involved, the horse might turn to mugging, hence it is important to not feed it close to your body but away from it where you want the horse’s head to be. If this is established properly, clicker training can proceed much smoother. As regards horse training tips, it is important to establish trust in the animal because most horses naturally fear humans and other animals and have no idea of your intent when they are first approached. Since they are herd animals, they will naturally follow you, but the trainer must spend as much time as possible with them to make them comfortable and training begins at the age of two. Every object, be it the bit or the saddle must be introduced slowly to the horse to get it used to it. Keep the bit in its mouth for a few minutes and take it out. Repeat this procedure till it becomes used to it. Clicker training is perhaps the best method as it is safe for both horse and trainer and is humane.

  Submitted on May 20, 2010