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Oscar fish diseases

Oscar Fish Diseases

Oscar fish care requires a certain amount of knowledge regarding oscar fish diseases.

The most common Oscar fish disease is known as Ich and is caused primarily by poor water quality or even a stressed out fish whose immune system has been significantly weakened. Noticing some grayish cotton patches on the fish’s skin of gills is indicative of a fungus caused by large amounts of decaying matter in the tank. As a result, it is of prime importance that the water in the tank is cleaned out on a regular basis.

Rotting fins is another very prominent symptom of Oscar fish disease and, again, caused by the presence of bacteria in contaminated or poor quality water. The tendency of the fish to regularly scrape themselves along the bottom of the tank or cloudy skin – it could possibly be indicative of a condition known as flukes – caused by a parasite that attacks the skin and gills. Seeing the fish visibly gasp for air could be the result of a lack of oxygen being introduced into the tank water.

Adding an airstone to the tank will help considerably.

There are millions of varieties of fish located in various parts of the world – all dependent on their natural environments for a quality standard of living. As a result, it is important for any aquarium enthusiast to have a detailed understanding about the environmental conditions required to house the fish he or she has in their tank. Oscar fish are considered to be one of the more intelligent fish species. One of the distinctive traits of Oscar fish is the fact that when they are visibly uncomfortable with the arrangement of the items in the tank they may even attempt to pick them up and replace them. If seriously uncomfortable, the fish may even spit the item out of the tank. The best choice of aquarium décor is to place nothing but some sand and a few large rocks in the tank. Proper Oscar fish care will require a rather large tank because of the fact that they are rather fast. The recommended space for a single Oscar fish should be about 2000 liters. The optimum temperature for an aquarium housing one or more Oscar fish is around 26 to 28 degrees Celsius. Choose the tankmates for Oscar fish rather carefully because the Pink tiger Oscars are less aggressive than the Red Oscars or tiger red Oscars – making them rather unhappy when paired with their more aggressive counterparts.

  Submitted on July 22, 2010