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Aquarium fish diseases

Aquarium Fish Diseases

Aquarium fish care is a very technical process because of the fact that any treatment intended for a particular fish cannot be performed while the fish is in the tank with the other fish as the other fish would also be exposed to the medication.

As a result, most aquarium fish diseases are cared for with the ill fish being introduced to a separate tank. Although there are literally over a million conditions that could affect your aquarium fish, the more common illnesses are caused primarily by either parasitic or bacterial organisms.

Most bacterial aquarium fish diseases are caused by red streaks or spots across the swelling of the fish’s abdomen or eye and can be effectively treated with the help of antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian or fish expert. The fungal conditions will often prompt the development of white or grey fluffy patches.

It is important to remember to avoid any metal in coming in contact with the aquarium water because of the fact that it will lead to contamination – thereby directly causing the development of a number of aquarium fish diseases symptoms. There are a number of steps one can take to prevent the development of aquarium fish diseases such as buying only good quality and compatible fish; avoiding the tendency to overfeed the fish and always making sure to remove any sick fish to a separate ‘hospital tank’ for treatment.

Maintaining an aquarium in ones house is becoming an increasingly popular trend and it requires a keen sense of the environmental and feeding habits of the various fish species that are housed in the aquarium. Factors like water temperatures, fish tank size and which species of fish get along within the confines of a fish tank need to all be considered. Most fish housed in an aquarium catch the eye because of their lovely colors. As a result, more often than not – the fish in an aquarium will be the more aesthetically appealing ones rather than the dour grey ones that are also common in salt water and fresh water. There are a number of advantages of keeping an aquarium including it being an educational tool while also serving as a therapeutic tool. The therapeutic benefits of an aquarium have been proven in recent research where studies have shown that watching fish helps lower respiration and pulse rates while simultaneously reducing stress rates. The fact that aquariums and the fish that they house come in a variety of sizes means that you can find place for it in any kind of home.

  Submitted on July 16, 2010