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Dog nail grooming

Dog Nail Grooming

Dog nail grooming is important and should be given attention as there are certain infections and injuries that can take place if the nails are not taken care of.

Dogs use their paws to walk around and if the nails are not well trimmed they are most likely to break while playing or running around due to which dog nail care becomes even more important. This results in injury where sometimes the nail may also bleed.

The best way to avoid all this is to trim your dog’s nails on a regular basis. The nails that are affected most of the times are the ones on the thumbs or the dew claw.

You know there is a dog nail injury if your dog is constantly licking the toe and if the injury is not treated well in time it may lead to infection that causes swelling and redness. If your dog has frequent walks on hard surfaces there will be very little need to clip them as their nails will automatically wear off due to friction. You can learn dog nail grooming and try it at home all by yourself or go the veterinarian. You need to, however, not only learn the right technique but also know the exact time as to when to cut their nails.

You need to know that dogs are most of the times reluctant to get their nails clipped and thus, it is advised that you start practicing this with them at a very young age so they get used to the process. Dog’s nails should just touch the floor while their feet are on the ground but if they are being rubbed against the surface it is time for dog nail grooming. There are a number of trimmers that are available in the market that serve as excellent tools and you can buy the same and ask an expert on the exact way to use them. When you are using clippers, make sure that they are sharp. You may also make the use of a nail filer or a dremel tool to round off any edges that have remained after cutting their nails. You can try to simply trim their nails by clipping the tips to ensure that you do not get into the quick which is the inside of the nail that appears pink in color and primarily consists of the blood vessels and nerve endings that are very tender.

  Submitted on June 8, 2010  

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